Giveaways and contests are currently available on all the blogs within our network. We work on a first come first serve basis, so please email ASAP if you need to schedule a giveaway!

We’ve worked with amazing companies like Clarisonic, Hewlett Packard, Coach Handbags,, Kooba, Jockey, Sears, Crocs™, Starbucks, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, BrylaneHome and many more to offer fantastic giveaway prizes to our beloved readers.


Giveaway item(s) must have a retail value of $50 or more to be eligible for a giveaway on our blogs. We expect you to provide us (Fashionable Media) with ‘equal compensation’ for holding the giveaway – ie. if you giveaway a $50 gift certificate on the blog, an additional $50 gift certificate should be provided to us in exchange for holding the giveaway, promoting & marketing it, etc. Our sponsors find this is the easiest option! If equal compensation can’t be provided, sponsored giveaways can be purchased for $75.00 USD excluding amount of prize that is provided for the winner(s). Bartering for a giveaway is acceptable under some circumstances so please inquire.

Sponsored Giveaways will run a minimum of seven (7) days, but no more than thirty (30) days, unless RTV of prize is over $200. No exceptions. The Company/Agency will be responsible for shipping and handling to the giveaway winner(s). No Exceptions! Items must be shipped within 2 weeks of contest end. Sponsored Giveaways will appear on our home page and go out to all our readers via RSS, our Twitter followers, Pinterest followers and our Facebook Fan page.

These terms are NOT negotiable. You are responsible for reading and understanding our giveaway terms. By holding a giveaway on our blog, you agree to these terms as they are stated here.

Please email to discuss having a giveaway on one of our blogs.