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Fashionable Media is a growing network of fashion and styles blogs that reach women who are savvy shoppers and always on the hunt for a bargain.

The Fashionable Housewife has grown to be one of the top influential blogs in the fashion community as well as being the only fashion blog specifically geared towards moms and housewives. Being the top in it's niche, we are able to draw a large audience that was previously unreached.

All of our blogs are updated daily, unlike most fashion blogs. We try to keep all of the editorials on our front page current and on the cutting edge. We are driven by consumer feedback. We sometimes have a poll on our front page and we frequently take surveys to learn valuable information about your target market.

We can link directly to your website providing immediate traffic. If you have an affiliate program, we may choose to link through that as well.

Advertising on our blogs are less expensive than print and keeps your ads targeted directly to your market. We also connect with the most influential style makers in the country who provide valuable insight into the local fashion scene. We not only provide tips for SAHM's and housewives but for business women interested in high fashion as well. Each of our blogs have a slightly different demographic so please let us know what type of audience you are looking tor target and we can help you decide which of our blogs you should advertise on.

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Stats & Traffic

  • TFH = The Fashionable Housewife
  • TFG = The Fashionable Gal
  • TFB = The Fashionable Bambino
  • TFP = The Fashionable Plate
  • FH = Fashionable Holiday

Please visit our Stats & Traffic Page to decide which website(s) you wish to advertise on. Direct advertising requests to

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Basic text link ads are available on all of our blogs for a low monthly rate. Text links are limited to 5 words and the entire sentence must be linked with no surrounding text. (Please scroll down to purchase that type of ad.) Links will appear in the sidebar of the blog under "Resources" or another similar header. Please specify "homepage only" or "sitewide" when you order.

Advertising Options
If you wish to prepay for 6 or 12 months and receive a discount, please email us at for more information.

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Banner ads are available on all of our blogs for a low monthly rate. Our basic banner ads are 125x125 pixels and may either be an image or a box containing text and links.

    Image Banner: A standard image banner ad must fit into the 125x125 area.

    Text Banner: A text banner ad is limited to 20 words and 2-3 links.

    Text & Image Banner: A text & image banner ad can contain 1 image (125x30 or less) and up to 6 text links or 15 words and 2 text links.

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Premuim banner ads are available on all of our blogs for a low monthly rate. Our premium banner ads spots are 300x250 pixels and 160x600 pixels. Please email us about availablility before purchasing!

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Please email us if you are interested in weekly options ir a trial period.

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You can purchase a SEO-optimized post on any of our 4 websites. Post will contain up to 300-400 words, up to 4 links with anchor text/URL destination of your choice and up to 2 images. ($10 for each extra image or link.)

Posts appear on the home page and go out to all our readers via RSS, our Twitter followers and our Facebook page. The post will remain on the homepage for a maximum of 7 days and then be archived. The post will remain on the website indefinitely.

Sponsored posts will contain a disclaimer at the end of the post, noting that it is indeed a sponsored post. Such a disclaimer would look like this: *Sponsored

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  • Sponsored Post TFH - $400
  • Sponsored Post TFG - $200
  • Sponsored Post TFB - $200
  • Sponsored Post TFP - $100
  • Sponsored Post FH - $100

If you choose to write the post yourself, you can subtract 50% from each price.

Please email to discuss sponsored posts and arrange payment.

Giveaways & Contests

Giveaways and contests are available on all blogs. We've worked with great companies like Clarisonic, Hewlett Packard, Coach Handbags,, Kooba, Jockey, Sears, Crocs™, Starbucks and many more!

Giveaway item(s) must have a retail value of $50 or more to be eligible for a giveaway on our blogs. We expect you to provide us with 'equal compensation' for holding the giveaway - ie. if you giveaway a $50 gift certificate on the blog, an additional $50 gift certificate should be provided to us in exchange for holding the giveaway, promoting & marketing it, etc. Our sponsors find this is the easiest option! If equal compensation can't be provided, sponsored giveaways can be purchased for $75.00 USD excluding amount of prize that is provided for the winner(s). Bartering for a giveaway is acceptable under some circumstances.

Sponsored Giveaways will run a minimum of seven (7) days, but no more than fourteen (14) days, unless RTV of prize is over $200. No exceptions. The Company/Agency will be responsible for shipping and handling to the giveaway winner(s). No Exceptions! Items must be shipped within 2 weeks of contest end. Sponsored Giveaways will appear on our home page and go out to all our readers via RSS, our Twitter followers and our Facebook page.

These terms are NOT negoitable. You are responsible for reading and understanding our giveaway terms. By holding a giveaway on our blog, you agree to these terms as they are stated here.

Please email to discuss having a giveaway on one of our blogs.

Product Reviews

Do you have a product you think would be of interest to our readers? Well we would love the opportunity to review your product!

We offers product reviews in exchange for product samples that have an ARV of over $25 USD. All product reviews require a non-returnable sample. If you would like a review for an item with less than an ARV of $25, we require a $25 Author’s Fee, covering the time and research necessary for an accurate review.

    Please Note: We will not accept payment to publish a review that we did not write, neither positive nor negative!!! Fashionable Media blogs have a moral obligation to our readers to only bring them reviews of products we have personally tried and tested or personal reviews of brands we are familiar with. Upon accepting a product for review, we make no promises to post a positive review, but do not believe in bashing a product, either. We try to be fair and balanced when reviewing products, and we evaluate products based on our personal experience with the product as well as the reviews of others, if applicable. We only post about products we believe to be of value and that our readers would find interesting. We will not accept payment for positive reviews!!! If we don't like the product, we aren't posting about it. Period.

If under any circumstances we are unable to post about a product, we will offer to return non-cosmetic products at the cost of the Company/Agency. Under these circumstances, we require a pre-paid shipping label to be provided. We will not pay to ship products back to you. You will not be invoiced the $25 Author’s Fee if we do not post about your product that has an ARV of less than $25, nor will we send it back.

    In most cases, we do not return product samples! If you for some reason you need the product or sample returned, and we have previously agreed to do so, you will need to include a pre-paid shipping label. Please note that we will not cover any shipping fees, neither to us, back to you, or to giveaway winners. If you need samples returned, please state this BEFORE sending the product and arrange to pay the Author's Fee of $25.

Product reviews are done on a first come / first serve basis. This is the only way we can continue to provide fresh, daily content to our readers. (Full sized products are required for review.)

We usually take 2-8 weeks to test the samples and write up our review. Beauty and cosmetic products can take up to 3 months or however long it takes to see results (Anti-again products, weight loss products, etc). After the review is finished, we will let you know when we plan to post it on our blog for the public to see, and will send you the link for it. All product reviews will receive coverage on our Twitter account and on our Facebook fan page as well.

Please take the time to add us to your Press page or News section. We appreciate it! You can request graphics, logos, and banners for this in a specific size, or you may choose from the selection at the bottom of the page here.

For more information on how you can get your product reviewed, please contact us.

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